The Saltire Ambassadors are commited to involving young volunteers in the delivery and development of the Saltire Awards at all stages. Young people who have achieved 50 hour 'Ascent' can be encouraged to become Saltire Ambassadors. They may want to use the hours volunteered as an Ambassador to work towards another 'Ascent' certificate.  

Ambassadors will aim to:

  • Represent the Saltire Awards and youth volunteering at a local level.
  • Promote the Awards and inspire other young people to get involved.
  • Contribute to the development making e.g. as members of a summit Panel


There should be a degree of flexibility with regard to individual roles as the skill set and capabilities of each Ambassador will vary as will their own area of interest. Ambassadors should be encouraged to identify their own strengths and to utilise these in a role that will further their own  development as well as benefitting the Saltire Awards.


Ambassador roles will therefore be determined by the individual volunteers but should include the following:

  • Summit Panel member
  • Promotional Events, workshops and presentations
  • Helping to organise Saltire "Challenge" events
  • Publicity and Communication e.g. website, facebook and twitter
  • Helping to organise Saltire Award Ceremonies and prepare certificates

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to futher develop and build upon skills such as planning, organisation, decision-making, communication and group work skills.