The Summit award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering. It will be awarded to recognise volunteers who have not only completed a 100 hour Ascent but also exceeded expectations.

Volunteer must be nominated for a Summit Award and also meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed the Saltire Ascent Award (100 hours)
  • Be aged 12 to 25
  • Be resident and volunteering in Scotland
  • Be nominated by one of the following: the organisation they volunteer for, their school, college or university or East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action.

Nominations from friends and family members will not be accepted.


Making Nominations:

Nominsations must be submitted on the Summit Nomination Form to East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action directly. EDVA will subsequently provide the identified Summit Panel with the nomination form.

Forms can be obtained by email equest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The closing dates for submission of Summit nominations are as follows - TBA


The Summit Panel(s) will meet 3 times a year and will consist of 8 Saltire Award Ambassadors.


Decision Process:

Nominations will be peer assessed by a group of Saltire Ambassadors, using the Summit Checklist and Score Sheet the panel will assess the merit of the nomination. The panel will be facilitated by EDVA but they will not be permitted to influence the panel's decisions.

All decisions made by the Summit Panel are final and the panel will feedback their decision to the person who nominated the volunteer for an award.


Unsuccessful Nominations:

A volunteer may be nominated more than once, however there must be a gap of at least 12 months between nominations or the nominations must be for a different volunteering activity.


Presentations of Summit Award:

The Panel will contact the nominator and the award recipient to confirm arrangements for the presentation of the Summit Award.