Young Scot Rewards & The Saltire Awards


What is Young Scot Rewards?

Young Scot Rewards is a brand new innovative onlione platform, developed through extensive consultation with young people and partners, which encourages young people to participate in positive activities which benefit themselves and their communities.

Through Young Scot Rewards, young people are able to collect points on their Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) for taking part in a variety of activities offered by a range of cross-sector partners. These activities include volunteering, contributing to consultations and participating in opportunities around sport, health, arts and the enviroment.

tAs their points accumulate, they are then able to unlock achievements and rewards which include special offers and the chance to take part in unique experiences. Examples of rewards currently available include two-for-one driving lessons with BSM, going behind the scenes at the filming of the latest series of 'Gary: Tank Commander' and the daring opportunity to swim with sharks at Deep Sea World.


How does it link with the Saltire Awards?

Young Scot has teamed up with the Scottish Government and third sector interfaces to offer points to young people who complete each stage of the Saltire Awards.


What do I need to do as part of the Saltire Awards?

To award points, all you need to do is give the young person a voucher once they have achieved the relevant stage of the Saltire Awards. Points vouchers should be handed out as follows:

Stage Points
Challenge 250
Approach (10 and 25 hours)* 500
Ascent (50, 100, 200 hours)* 1,000
Ascent (500 hours) 2,000
Summit 3,000


 *For the Approach and Ascent, points are designed to be cumulative at each stage. For example, young people should get 500 points each time for reaching 10 and 25 hours, giving them a total of 1,000 points.Therefore, if a young person completes 25 hours and has not previously completed the 10 hour stage, they should be given 2 x 500 points vouchers.


What do young people need to do?

To claim their points, young people simply need to:

  • Log-in or sign-up at
  • You can also download the free Young Scot app from your App Store and find the latest dscounts and rewards nearest to you
  • Click the button to 'redeem your points'
  • Enter the code on the back of their voucher

The points will be added to their accounts and they will be informed of what achievements and rewards they have unlocked. They will be also able to view other activities they can participate in to earn more points and unlock other achievements and rewards.


Need more information?

Find out more about Young Scot Rewards in the partnerships section of our corporate website ( You can also search for 'Young Scot Rewards' on YouTube.

Alternatively, contact David McNeil, Entitlements & Rewards Director at young Scot:

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

T: 0131 313 2488



  • Do young people need a Young Scot Card to claim their points? No - they can sign-up for Young Scot Rewards and claim points at any time. However, a card number needs to be entered before Rewards can be claimed. Instructions are provided at on how to apply for or renew their card.
  • Could young people share the points code with someone else who might not have completed a Saltire Award? No - the code on each Saltire Award points voucher is unique. Once it has been used once, it cannot be used by another person.
  • Do I need to share any data with Young Scot about the young people who participate? No - it is the responsibility of the individual young person to claim their points at using their voucher code. However, someone from Young Scot may contact you to ask general questions as part of an evaluation process.